Mercedes C250 CDI Engine Failure


Mercedes C250 CDI


02 October 2019



Mercedes C250 CDI Engine Failure

This vehicle was bought in today by a new customer with an engine that wouldn't start.

On investigation we came across this!

On further investigation we discovered that the servicing record for this vehicle was almost non existent.

Don't Skimp On Servicing

Servicing your Mercedes car or van is now more important than it has ever been. It may seem like stretching the mileage between services can save you a few quid, but the reality is, if you do so you increase the risk of very expensive engine failure.

There are so many factors in a modern car engine that can shorten the life of your car engine. For example, did you know that every time your diesel engine goes through a DPF regeneration cycle it spills diesel fuel into the engine sump? This fuel then dilutes the lubrication qualities of your oil which increases the wear in your engine. So, by trying to save a few quid and missing services out, or not servicing your car as frequently as you should, all you are doing is inadvertently destroying your car's engine.

At RPL Automotive in Lindford, your friendly Independent Mercedes Specialists, we always recommend that services to ALL vehicles are carried out at no more that 10,000 mile intervals, or even sooner if you drive your vehicle hard, only do 'school runs', or have a diesel engined vehicle that never gets an opportunity to regenerate properly.

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